EcoSat is an innovative company, with the latest technology, that is used to develop tailored solutions to suit our client’s individual needs.

EcoSat currently specialises in the following technologies:

Centrifugal Separators

A centrifugal separator is a piece of equipment that uses centrifugal force, the force of gravity, and inertia to separate two or more materials. Centrifugal separators work by spinning the material in a chamber at high speed which causes the heavier materials to settle out separately from the lighter materials.

Electrochemical Coagulation

A technique used for wash water treatment, wastewater treatment, industrially processed water, and medical treatment. Electrocoagulation has become a rapidly growing area of wastewater treatment due to its ability to remove contaminants that are generally more difficult to remove by filtration or chemical treatment systems.

Electrochemical Dialysis

A separation process with charged membranes stacked to separate ionic species from water and uncharged components when an electrical field is applied is providing new membrane separation processes with numerous applications in the food, nutraceutical and beverage industries.

Oscillating Filter Press

(Bead, Carbon or Sand Filter)
A device for quickly and efficiently eliminating microorganisms in the water when flowing throughout the device, capable for integration into disposable water supply installations.



Ozone oxides the iron, manganese, and sulphur in the water to form insoluble metal oxides or elemental sulphur. These insoluble particles are then removed by post-filtration. Organic particles and chemicals will be eliminated through either coagulation or chemical oxidation.

Reverse Flow Medium Filtration

Reverse-flow filter-separator technology is used for refineries and petrochemical plants. The technology uses the reverse flow of water through a filtration media, for removing solids accumulated during the filtration process.

Reverse Flow Ion Exchange

A water purification system using solid polymeric ion exchange resin. Aside from its use to purify drinking water, the technique is widely applied for purification and separation of a variety of industrially and medicinally important chemicals.