We Care For Your Effluent Like It Is Our Own

Economic trends and pressures have made it exceptionally difficult for governments and their agencies, especially in Africa, to maintain and expand on much-needed infrastructure.

Governments are now focused on maximising the value derived from investments in infrastructure with the assistance of private sector funding. EcoSatis able to leverage strong relationships with key players in the industry to develop or access innovative financing structures for public and private sector projects alike. This expedites project delivery and/or maximises the ability to earn a return on investment.

In addition, we also assist our clients to shelter their balance sheets by financing major projects on a stand-alone basis.

These projects are structured through the following services:

  • Developing the structure and nature of the partnership, be it outsourced or a form of PPP
  • Establishing a favourable environment for the transaction by means of innovative financial instruments and structuring
  • Developing favourable deal structures
  • Sourcing the ideal financiers for a particular project
  • Defining bankability
  • Driving and executing financial closure
  • Developing innovative securitisation strategies
  • Arranging re-financing to reduce costs