Environmental Policy

EcoSat is focused on excellence in all aspects involving environmental activities. Our primary mission to is achieve the ultimate in the development of client's resources and assets for the maximum benefit of any potential stakeholder, employees, and the communities affected by any activity in which we operate.

  • EcoSat firmly believes that in the fulfilment of its mission that efficient and profitable operations go hand in hand with comprehensive, efficient and implementable integrated environmental protection programs to minimise environmental degradation.
  • EcoSat is also dedicated to the protection of the environment in which any activity is conducted to promote environmental management programs emphasising concepts of minimisation, restoring and alleviation of these disturbances to the maximum extend and benefit of the impacted environment.
  • EcoSat promotes the principle of Integrated Environmental Management during all its discussions with clients and takes all practical measures to reduce their impacts on the environment in line with the concepts of the National Environment Management Act, all other applicable environmental legislation, guidelines, policies and practices.
  • EcoSat endorses Environmental Management Systems, which complies with international standard requirements (ISO 14000) and are committed to be part of a team that will maintain, protect and conserve the environment for now and the future to ensure sustainable quality of life for all.
  • EcoSat is committed to work towards implementing environmental management and pollution control with the input and or participation of Interested and Affected Parties promoting their environmental objectives.
  • EcoSat will monitor their environmental performances against set objectives and audit control measures as a means of ensuring that the company conforms to the Environmental Policy.
  • EcoSat consultants adhere to the Codes of Conduct as stipulated by the various Scientific and Engineering Councils to ensure a high level of professional competence and the maintenance of ethical standards.
  • It is the goal of EcoSat to assist the client in all of the above-mentioned principles to create and promote the most economic utilisation of our raw materials and resources with the concurrent environmental management and rehabilitation of waste sites and surface disturbances.