At EcoSat we believe that every human on this planet has the right to clean healthy water. With our vast experience in water engineering solution, we ensure clean healthy water is available, without negatively affecting our environment.

EcoSat currently specialises in the following industries:

 WHY EcoSat

Since 1983 EcoSat is a specialist in engineer water solutions. Our expertise has provided solutions for almost every thinkable water and treatment solution. With our qualified and dedicated staff, EcoSat has an impeccable record for delivering solutions on budget and on time.

EcoSat delivers pro-active and transparent water and effluent management strategies which include:

  • Professional assistance
  • Consultation and project and/or plant management
  • Ecological impact assessments
  • Environmental, waste and water management programmes
  • Effluent and sanitation management according to regulatory requirements

We are committed to the development and providing services that have a minimum impact on health and on the environment throughout their life cycle, in order to best meet our customers’ needs.  By utilising our advanced technologies, EcoSat is able to provide our Client with a hands-on cost-effective selection of technology and methods for the treatment of specific water requirements.

EcoSat is your Mindful Enabled Water Treatment Solutions Partner.