Abattoir & Meat Processing

Thursday, 05 December 2019

We have the means to treat abattoir and meat processing effluent for water preservation.


  • The seasonal fluctuation, high chemical oxygen demands, degrees Brix, filter media and alternating pH all have a critical impact on the effective treatment on the effluent emanating from the abattoir and meat processing industry.
  • The confined area of a typical abattoir makes it critical that the effluent be treated effectively and completely removed from the wine cellar. This effluent has to be treated and contained before being discharged into natural streams or being recycled for re-use.
  • International quality control, environmental legislation and pressure to
    re-use water is contributing factors.


  • The combination of sterilization chemicals, the coagulation of blood, animal fats, hair, stomach content and other animal body parts that enter the effluent stream pose too great a challenge to implement a single treatment solution.
  • High discharge penalties were incurred.
  • Effluent volumes resulted in unpleasant odours and water discolouration.
  • CIP wash model also contributed to the quality of water and contamination thereof. 


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