EcoSat has developed a unique and innovative product range which has led to the development of tailored solutions, services and products for our clients.

EcoSat currently offers the following products:

  • Chemical Remediation
  • Electro-Chemical Remediation
  • Physical Remediation
  • Process and Mechanical Equipment
  • Plant Automation
  • Hydropure Bio Remediation
  • Medium Separation
  • QMI (All products are tailored to each individual client’s needs)
drinking water

All products and solutions are tailored to each individual client’s needs.

Removal of physical inorganic and/or organic particles: 

Macro Particles

> 1.0 mm

Micro Particles

< 1.0 mm > 0.1 mm

Suspended Particles

< 0.1 mm

Dissolved Particles


Nano Particles


Carcinogenic and Radioactive Particles


EcoSat Water Treatment Solutions include the follows: