ipfmsIntegrated Process Fault Mitigation System (IPFMS)
To Us, Knowledge is the Power to be Proactive

Our clients operate within highly pressured and extremely legislated industries. EcoSat has early warning technology that minimises the risk of costly system failures or events, by monitoring and managing water and environmental issues holistically.

Our early warming technology goes way beyond preventative maintenance and delivers in-depth situational awareness to provide managers with real measurable information in order to effectively monitor and control any deviation from the set standards. This powerful system ensures higher plant uptime at a lower cost of operation than any other system available in the world.

EcoSat's technology sets new industry benchmarks by going beyond preventative maintenance and delivering what we call "pre-knowledge for proactive maintenance". This crucial information is monitored remotely from EcoSat's state of the art command centres which are located in key regions across the world and we are capable of operating in both high-bandwidth modern environments as well as very low-bandwidth environments in remote locations.


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